Craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation

The cutler is an ancient craft handed down from generation to generation since when iron was forged by hammering the iron by hand on the anvil, to be shaped into a blade.

The Antonin family have been dedicated knife manufacturers since 1929, maintaining the handmade craftsmanship with love and devotion through the years with the aim to produce unique and incomparable items. The steel is cut according to the blade model and tempered to toughen the steel.

The blade edges are then rounded off on one side with the grinding stone to reduce the thickness, consequently sharpened and finished. The grinder is often made in the workshop to obtain the highest standard of precision that suits the artisans request perfectly, therefore the abrasive bands , cloth bands and polishing bands are continuously changed according to the type and use of the knife . Once the blades are polished or satin finished, they are assembled to the different models and types of handles, and are then sent to the quality control ;here they are checked one by one by expert personnel.

The next step is to pack them and prepare them to be delivered all over the world guaranteeing an appreciable item.