An account from the past

The Colvera Valley cutlers have ancient roots

Since ancient times, our valley had water and iron, and most probably these were the two main elements that gave way to the tradition and production of blades and knives in the area of Maniago during the Roman Age . To forge the iron, water was essential therefore in fifteenth century the workmen of the area were aware that they had to exploit the source they had at hand by canalizing the water of the Colvera stream that flowed down valley towards Maniago. So here along this canalized stream the first artisans started forging the iron in their “Battiferro” ( Workshops) to produce the blades for pruning hooks ,scythes and various other working tools. They also produced weapons for the Venetian Republic Army. The prospects of these artisans for producing all sorts of knives was enhanced by their ability to improve the construction of tools and blades through keeping up with continuous chances and development of manufacturing techniques.

This is the background that gave way in the eighteenth century to the handcraft workshops spread all over the area bound to transform Maniago into an important knife producing Town.
In this craftsmanship aspect Maniago has therefore found its ideal formula transforming the blade and knife production with love and devotion into an art that is capable of creating unmatched articles. These were the principles with which Antonio and Luigi Antonini founded their business in 1929. Today the same principles inspire the Antonin Company with the successful partnership of Mario Antonini and his son Pietro.